our future.
About TechDays
Join us in this innovative ecosystem.

We know technology plays a determinant role in building a last longing, more open and collaborative society.

If anything, this years proved us that the world we live in is constantly being changed. New ways to communicate, new ways to make business, new ways to live and relate to each other. Technological disruption is everywhere in everything we do.

It’s part of our lives.

Innovation is changing cities, businesses, creating brand new industries and transforming the society as we know it, in an increasing speed. At Techdays, we welcome this future.

We believe new connections and ideas are the way to build the future. Be part of it!

  • All
    on deck!

    Get to know with tech companies that are leading
    the change. Get inspired by real technology and
    real cases. The Techday’s workshops
    will take place in various venues in the city center.
    Join/ Subscribe now and let yourself be energized.

  • Get
    fired up!

    Technology plays a major role in our society’s
    future. We all heavily depend on it to prosper in a
    sustainable way. Join these talks and get inspired.
    New insights and ideias that will stretch your mind.
    Join/ subscribe now and let yourself be fired up.

  • Making

    Our city is changing. Technological progress
    delivers exciting possibilities to transform public
    services and enhance quality of life.
    This years exhibition will take place at the heart
    of our city, showing smart urban technology
    in true life context.

  • Don’t be
    a camper!

    Discover the latest games, try new gaming
    technologies and meet the current streamers live!
    Play, participate and win fantastic prizes!
    Join the Techdays Gaming Center.

  • Upskill
    for the

    Creativity and technology will be of major
    importance in building the next generation’s talent
    pool. That’s why we believe that STEAM skills are
    critical for the future. Just show up and meet the
    people and resources that will help you thrive.



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