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About TechDays
TechDays. Building our future.
11-13 October 2018
09h30 – 19h30
Parque de Exposições de Aveiro

Technology has been present in our lives since the beginning of times: stone tools, control of fire, clothing, algebra, transistors, and so on.
Great dreams, visionary aspirations, unwavering failures and the ability to stand on the shoulder of giants led mankind to great innovations.
Nowadays men is facing the greatest technological transitions that any generation has ever witnessed. Technological disruption is everywhere in everything we do. It’s part of our lives.
Innovation is changing businesses, creating brand new industries and transforming the society as we know it, in an increasing speed.
All these challenges bring with them opportunities.

  • Conferences

    Do you think
    knowledge is

    Technology is developing in unparalleled fast pace.
    It’s hard to keep up to date, isn’t it?

    This is an unique opportunity for you to share ideas with people
    who gather to learn about how emerging technologies are redefining
    business and society.
    Join our conferences and get enlightened by the messages that our
    speakers have to share. Make sure that you will be one of the privileged.

  • Education for Science
    Education for Science

    What will kids
    be doing in the

    It’s hard to guess. But one thing is sure: it will have
    everything to do with technology.

    Bring the kids and yourself to play with the future of science
    and technology.
    Education companies and Science Centers will have several activities
    to boost their interest in this field: science, technology, engineering,
    arts and mathematics.Join this force and have fun.

  • Gaming

    Wanna play?

    Technology isn’t only about serious stuff.

    Discover the latest games, try out new gaming technology,
    participate in small tournaments,meet uprising Youtubers
    and be part of Techdays Gaming center.

  • Business Meetings
    Business Meetings

    Do you know
    what adds value
    to your business?

    Have a conversation with the right partner that will
    strengthen your company’s technological position.

    Come and have ameeting with the sharpest minds in the tech,
    academic, startup, and business communities
    – the people leading the next wave of intelligent technologies.
    Start a partnership that will build the future of your business.

  • Exhibitions

    See and
    be seen.

    Would you like to see the latest innovations?
    Wish your business could be displayed for many potencial
    clients and partners?

    Come and share your ideas with the leading companies of your industry.
    Enlarge your network in a friendly environment and discover new
    sources of innovation. Widen the possibilities for your business to
    become more competitive in the economy of the future.


Thursday, 11 October

9h30 - 10h30

Opening Session

TECHDAYS Aveiro 2018

14h15 - 16h45

TechDays Session

Smart Cities


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17h00 - 19h00

TechDays Session

Industry 4.0


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Friday, 12 October

10h00 - 12h00

TechDays Session

Circular Economy


14h15 - 16h45


Talents & Skills


17h00 - 19h00

TechDays Session



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19h30 - 20h30


Data Science

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Saturday, 13 October

14h30 - 17h00


Made in Aveiro


2018 Speakers

Get to know
some of the most influential thinkers
in technology.

Join us during this 3 day event and get to know with some of today’s most active and influential thinkers and practitioners on technology.
During TechDays 2017 more than 100 exhibitors - including the main national clusters and technological companies - took advantage of the chance to present their exciting new products and services in front of an audience of more than 10.000 guests during the 3 days of the event.

Becoming a TechDays exhibitor will give you the chance to:
- Expand your client base and network, as we provide B2B meetings in the first 2 days of the event.
- Get to know and connect with some of the leading tech industry leaders.
- Find opportunities to integrate the latest technology into your business
- Increase your brand exposure and meet face-to-face with current and future clients and partners.
- Make your business competitive in the economy of the future.

Join us and get ready to build the future.



Less than two months before the opening of TechDays - Innovation and Technology Forum, the first speakers to be present at the event, which will take place from 11 to 13 October (...)


Main Topics to be discussed in TechDays Aveiro

The following topics will be discussed at TechDays: Smart Cities | Industry 4.0 | Circular Economy | Mobility | Talents & Skills, with renowned national and international speake (...)


B2B meetings - Registration Open

Following the success of the 2017 edition, the B2B area offers the opportunity to have several meetings / conversations with the right partner that will strengthen the technolog (...)

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Take a look at last year's event and join us this year.

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Aveiro Expo – Parque de Exposições de Aveiro

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